Silkscreen. Born 1942, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. At the age of 16, she was awarded the Unesco International Space Painting Competition prize in Austria and in the 1980s was recognised as one of the most promising artists at international shows. She has held numerous one-man exhibitions in Japan,USA, Canada and Europe.

Kojima focuses on the female image, often depicting herself and her silkscreen works brings out an elegance reminiscent of the French Art Deco pochoir prints. Since the 1970s Kojima has been attracted to the different shades of black and white which emphasise many of her works, as well as intricate texture patterns. More recently Kojima has turned her talents toward oil painting and textiles, and has become a well-known textile designer in her own right.

KOJIMA KIMIKO:  Water in Spring
Title: Water in Spring - SOLD OUT
Date: 1986
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: 60
Image size: 45 x 68cm
KOJIMA KIMIKO:  Wave and Camellia
Title: Wave and Camellia
Date: 1979
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: 30
Image size: 68 x 47cm
KOJIMA KIMIKO:  Bird and Woman
Title: Bird and Woman
Date: 1976
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: 30
Image size: 79 x 55cm
Title: Moon and Koi - SOLD OUT
Date: 1984
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: 39
Image size: 55 x 80 cm