Woodblock,lithograph, collage. Born 1947 Idaho. Has lived in Kyoto for over thrity years. Morton Levin Graphics Workshop, San Francisco; studied under Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) master, Tokuriki Tomikichiro.

Permanent Collections: The British Museum, London; The Brooklyn Museum, New York; Cleveland Museum of Art; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia; Portland State University, Oregon; National Museum of American Art, Washington. Numerous solo exhibitions in Tokyo and New York.

Kelly constantly experiments with different media and different styles. His compositions, which are usually large, have depicted images of beautiful ceramics to koi, (Japanese carp) to self portraits. His latest prints are combination of cement block, lithography or woodblock, and handcolouring. Most of his lithographs have woodblock colour plates on them, and many of his woodblocks include some lithography. He focuses on collage techniques to apply antique Japanese paper, gold leaf, and all manner of fibres to his compositions.

Title:  China Moon - SOLD OUT
Date: 2013
Medium:  Oil on Nepalese paper, bamboo mat and wood
Image size: 78 x 175 x 18cm
KELLY DANIEL:  King of the Pond
Title:  King of the Pond
Date: 2013
Medium:  Oil on Nepalese paper, bamboo mat and tatami
Image size: 148 x 47 x 17cm
KELLY DANIEL:  Shitsureishimasu (
Title:  Shitsureishimasu ("Excuse Me") - SOLD OUT
Date: 2013
Medium:  Oil on bamboo mat
Image size: 23 x 156 x 15cm
KELLY DANIEL:  Tom Waits Made Me Do It
Title:  Tom Waits Made Me Do It - SOLD OUT
Date: 2014
Medium:  Acrylic, gold leaf and lacquer ware collage on Thai paper and linen on wood
Image size: 170 x 118 x 111cm
KELLY DANIEL:  Fifty Persimmons
Title:  Fifty Persimmons
Date: 2014
Medium: Woodblock on Thai paper with embossing
Image size: 110 x 49cm
KELLY DANIEL: Floating World
Title: Floating World
Date: 2002
Medium: Woodblock and handcolouring on Nepalese paper
Edition: 75
Image size: 79 x 11cm
KELLY DANIEL:  Dragon Pearl
Title: Dragon Pearl - SOLD OUT
Date: 2007
Medium: Woodblock on Nepalese Paper
Edition: 90
Image size: 47 x 106cm
KELLY DANIEL: Ramen Nation
Title: Ramen Nation
Date: 2016
Medium: Woodblock, litho, Nepalese paper chine colle on Japanese, Thai and Nepalese paper
Edition: 30
Image size: 85 x 108cm
Title: Highfire
Date: 2008
Medium: Woodblock/hand colouring/chine colle
Edition: 96
Image size: 110x55cm
Title: Holy Smoke
Date: 2006
Medium: Lithograph/Woodblock
Edition: 60
Image size: 64 x 50cm
KELLY DANIEL: Snow in Sasayama
Title: Snow in Sasayama
Date: 1989
Medium: Watercolour
Image size: 29 x 76cm
KELLY DANIEL:  What's up
Title: What's up - SOLD OUT
Date: 2010
Medium: Woodblock under lithograph on Nepalese paper
Edition: 90
Image size: 101 x 35cm
KELLY DANIEL: Summer Nights
Title: Summer Nights
Date: 1990
Medium: Lithograph and hand-colouring
Edition: 34
Image size: 45 x 66cm
KELLY DANIEL: Three Persimmons
Title: Three Persimmons
Date: 2015
Medium: Woodblock and chine colle on Thai, kozo and Nepalese paper
Edition: 55
Image size: 32 x 104cm
Title: Red Hook
Date: 2005
Medium: Woodblock and hand-colouring on Thai mulberry paper
Edition: 90
Image size: 117 x 91cm, framed
KELLY DANIEL: Cat and Dogs
Title: Cat and Dogs
Date: 2012
Medium: Woodblock on Nepalese paper with gold and platinum leaves
Edition: 86
Image size: 92 x 61cm
Title: Peeper - SOLD OUT
Date: 1997
Medium: Woodblock and handcolouring on Nepalese paper
Edition: 47
Image size: 80 x 105cm framed