Recent Acquisitions

Kelly Daniel: Peeper
Artist: Kelly Daniel
Title: Peeper
Date: 1997
Medium: Woodblock and handcolouring on Nepalese paper
Edition: 47
Image size: 80 x 105cm framed
Morimura Ray: Kurayami Festival
Artist: Morimura Ray
Title: Kurayami Festival
Date: 1996
Medium: Woodblock
Edition: 50
Image size: 45 x 30
Hamanishi Katsunori: Prime Summer
Artist: Hamanishi Katsunori
Title: Prime Summer
Date: 2017
Medium: Mezzotint with gold leaf
Edition: 70
Image size: 50 x 45 cm
Sugiura Kazutoshi: Iris No. 162
Artist: Sugiura Kazutoshi
Title: Iris No. 162
Date: 2007
Medium: Silkscreen with gold leaf
Edition: 35
Image size: 58 x 36 cm
Endo Susumu: Nature 1
Artist: Endo Susumu
Title: Nature 1
Date: 1992
Medium: Lithograph
Edition: 100
Image size: 84 x 83cm framed
Brayer Sarah: Moon Dance
Artist: Brayer Sarah
Title: Moon Dance
Date: 2015
Medium: Poured mulberry paperwork with tengu washi, silk and pigment
Image size: 102 x 120cm framed
Kaneko Kunio: La La La Come Dancing
Artist: Kaneko Kunio
Title: La La La Come Dancing
Date: 2017
Medium: Woodblock
Edition: 150
Image size: 22 x 56cm
Tanaka Ryohei: Autumn Temple
Artist: Tanaka Ryohei
Title: Autumn Temple
Date: 2008
Medium: Etching and aquatint
Edition: 100
Image size: 30 x 30 cm
Hosoya Masayuki: The Lady with Blue Gloves
Artist: Hosoya Masayuki
Title: The Lady with Blue Gloves
Date: 1995
Medium: Linocut
Edition: 50
Image size: 36 x 28cm
Kasai Masahiro:  Sous un grand arbre (ii)
Artist: Kasai Masahiro
Title:  Sous un grand arbre (ii)
Date:  2014
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: 30
Image size: 40 x 40cm
Kelly Daniel: Red Hook
Artist: Kelly Daniel
Title: Red Hook
Date: 2005
Medium: Woodblock and hand-colouring on Thai mulberry paper
Edition: 90
Image size: 117 x 91cm, framed
Karhu Clifton: Nishijin Corner
Artist: Karhu Clifton
Title: Nishijin Corner
Date: 1983
Medium: Woodblock
Edition: 100
Image size: 46 x 46cm framed
Kinoshita Chiharu: Parus Minor and Camellia Japonica
Artist: Kinoshita Chiharu
Title: Parus Minor and Camellia Japonica
Date: 2014
Medium: Gold leaf, mineral pigments, sumi on silk and Japanese paper
Image size: 53 x 48cm
Shinoda Toko: Torch - We have more small-sized Shinoda's. Contact us for further info.
Artist: Shinoda Toko
Title: Torch - We have more small-sized Shinoda's. Contact us for further info.
Medium: Lithograph with hand-colouring
Edition: 30
Image size: 29 x 39cm
Shiomi Nana: Sixty years- Before and After Garden
Artist: Shiomi Nana
Title: Sixty years- Before and After Garden
Date: 2015
Medium: Woodcut
Edition: 30
Image size: 60 x 93cm
Kelly Daniel: Ramen Nation
Artist: Kelly Daniel
Title: Ramen Nation
Date: 2016
Medium: Woodblock, litho, Nepalese paper chine colle on Japanese, Thai and Nepalese paper
Edition: 30
Image size: 85 x 108cm
Kuroda Shigeki: Column of Water
Artist: Kuroda Shigeki
Title: Column of Water
Date: 2005
Medium: Watercolour
Image size: 50 x 49cm
Ohtsu Kazuyuki: The Persimmons Prevail
Artist: Ohtsu Kazuyuki
Title: The Persimmons Prevail
Date: 2016
Medium: Woodblock
Edition: 111
Image size: 38 x 49cm
Stewart Joel: Down Here on The Ground
Artist: Stewart Joel
Title: Down Here on The Ground
Date: 2015
Medium: Watercolour, acrylic, silver lacquer on paper mounted on wood
Image size: 61 x 121cm